Terms Of Use
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Terms of Use – Coming to Terms with Us is Easy

Want to use this site? We’re an agreeable bunch here and, if you are too, you can freely navigate your way around the site. We’d like to outline exactly what we agree upon and then you’re on your own.

What do we need to agree on?

As in any relationship, laws have to followed. Many laws come into play for both of us and if we both comply, then we’ll both be happy. The most prominent laws in website publishing pertain to trademarks, registered trademarks, service marks and copyrights. I’m sure we can agree on following those. Compliance with all laws is, of course, expected, as it would be in any business relationship. Other than that, we’re governed by the laws of the State of Nevada – please familiarize yourself with them.

We suggest that if you’re reprinting material from this site, you also need to publish a link to the site. You can do this either by printing the URL or by providing an anchor tag to it. You may use the artwork and associated graphics, as long as you remember to publish where you got them.

About our authors

Our authors have their own opinions. When we publish their material, we allow them to voice those opinions. We may or may not agree with them.

We love to publish authors’ work. We don’t pay them for their submissions because we’re offering them exposure throughout the world. For that reason, it’s imperative that if you’re using material from this site, you always include the author’s complete by-line, exactly as it appears on this site.

We do our best to hold our authors responsible for their content and its accuracy. We’ve agreed with them to the mutually beneficial use of this site. If, however, we happen to publish something that isn’t accurate, we apologize for any negative situation this may have created for you. However, as in any third-party situation, we can’t be held responsible. We also include in this situation all content on our site, including links to other sites and their products and services. In a nutshell, you use this site and its links at your own risk. Fair enough?

Easy terms, don’t you think?

So you can see that it really is easy to come to terms with us. You follow our simple guidelines – we allow you the freedom to use our site. Sounds like a good deal to me, don’t you think? So go ahead, if you agree, and we truly hope our site can be of good use to you.

Contributing authors

Please review our Author Agreement.