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Reprint Rights Free articles with free reprint rights

In many cases, we will grant permission to other website owners to reprint these professionally written "glossary of terms and definitions" on their website providing they agree to our terms of use, and have obtained written permission from us.

Applying Is Easy!

If you would like to apply for free reprint rights, please send us an e-mail that includes your 1.) website address and the 2.) glossary of terms and definitions that you would like permission to reprint.

We respond to all serious inquires promptly.

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Terms of Use

If your site meets our approval, and you are granted free reprint rights;

  1. You agree to reprint each glossary of terms and definitions on your site intact and "as is".
  2. You agree to include the 'About The Author' information in its entirety and "as is" as this example outlines:
  3. About The Author

    Gareth Marples is a successful freelance writer providing tips and advice for consumers purchasing printer ink, DSL Internet service and web site hosting. His numerous articles offer moneysaving tips and valuable insight on typically confusing topics.

    This "Glossary of Credit Card Terms & Definitions" reprinted with permission.

    2004 - Net Guides Publishing, Inc.

  4. You agree to leave all active links contained within the article intact and "as is" and NOT hidden behind a java or redirect script.
  5. You agree to reprint on your site only the glossary of terms and definitions for which you have been granted reprint rights.

Special Note: You are welcome to add additional links of your own within the glossary of terms and definitions -- providing you leave our links intact. In addition, feel free to add a descriptive sentence and a link at the end of the article as shown highlighted in yellow, here!

All copyrights enforced. Please direct any questions to the publisher.

2004 - Net Guides Publishing, Inc.