Glossary Of Personal Care Terms
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Personal Care

A Glossary of Body Piercing Terms and Definitions – Plugging the Holes of Knowledge

Body piercing is becoming more and more popular these days and there are dozens of different types of piercings you can get. There are also lots technical terms for the how’s and why’s of the procedures and taking care of them afterwards. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Contact Lens Terms and Definitions – Seeing is Believing

So you want to order contact lenses? You’ve done your research and now you find yourself knee-deep in optometric jargon. How can you see eye-to-eye, so to speak, with your optometrist and feel confident that you’re going to get the best contact lenses to suit your lifestyle? Our purpose here is to provide you with the most relevant information, in the simplest terms. So let’s look at some of those contact lens terms and make some sense out of them. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Hearing Aid Terms and Definitions – Casting the Light of Knowledge into the Ear

How our ears work and the possible need for a hearing aid is an important subject, if perhaps one which should be approached with caution if you're suggesting the use of one for someone else! It can be a bit fretful for children of course and quite daunting for some adults as well. So to offer help, for you or your friends or family, here is a guide to many of the more usually encountered words and terms on this topic. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Teeth Whitening Terms and Definitions – Brighter Smiles For A Brighter World

It certainly seems like many people around the world are worried about the state of their smile. It’s all too easy to think that it's just ridiculous vanity to want a white smile, but first impressions can, and do, make a difference. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Teeth Whitening System Terms and Definitions – Bright and Clear

Teeth whitening is a huge industry these days – a lot bigger than you’d think. Are white teeth that important? Apparently so. After all, that’s the first thing about you that people notice when you meet them. And don’t you want to make a good first impression? Of course you do! So do you need a teeth whitening system? If so, you may find that shopping for one is confusing. There are words used that you may not understand. So, to help you out, we’ve assembled this glossary of teeth whitening terms and definitions. It’ll identify, in simple language, the things you need to know when you’re choosing a teeth whitening system, whether it be a professional treatment, or a simple drugstore product. So pay attention, and get ready to smile.[ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

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