Glossary Of Fax Machine Terms
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A Glossary of Fax Machine Terms and Definitions Ė Sending a Clear Message

When we speak, we like to give a clear message. Likewise, when we send a message, weíd like it to be received in a clear manner on the other end. Thus, the purpose of fax machines.

And weíd like to give you a clear message regarding the language associated with fax machines. So weíve compiled this glossary of fax machine terms and definitions to help you understand, clearly, just what those terms mean and how they relate to your use of this message-sending machine. Pay attention.

  • Activity Report
    The activity report is a printed report of a fax machineís incoming and outgoing transactions. It may be printed automatically or manually at a specified interval. Information may include date and time of transmission, the fax number/name, duration, number of pages, result, errors incurred and comment.
  • ADF (Automatic document feeder)
    The ADF gives a fax machine the ability to automatically feed multiple documents, one at a time, that have been placed in the input tray.
  • All Dial List
    An all dial list is a printed report of all the numbers stored in both one-touch and speed-dial locations.
  • Automatic Fax
    Automatic Fax is an option that, when activated, sends a fax without picking up the handset or pressing the hook button.
  • Backup Print
    When Backup Print is activated, a fax is received into memory, as well as being printed.
  • Batch Transmission
    The Batch Transmission feature gives the ability to store a number of documents in memory at different times for automatic transmission to one location at a set time.
  • Bits per second (bps)
    Bps is a measure of the speed at which a device, such as a modem, can transfer bits of data.
  • Broadcasting
    Broadcasting is the ability to send the same document to more than one location.
  • Call-Back Message
    A call-back message sends a fax and then leaves a message for the recipient to call.
  • Call Reservation
    A call reservation sends a fax and then, at the end of the transmission, it rings the recipientís phone. If they pick up the phone, it rings the senderís phone so they can talk to the other end.
  • CCITT (Consultative Committee for International Telephone and Telegraph)
    The CCITT is a committee created to set international standards for communications.
  • CNG Tones
    CNG tones are calling tones sent during automatic fax transmissions that tell the receiving machine that the sender is a fax machine.
  • Contrast
    Contrast is a manual adjustment on a fax machine that compensates for very dark or very light documents by lightening dark documents and darkening light documents.
  • Cover Page
    The cover page is printed at the other partyís machine. It contains the sender and recipientís name and fax number, number of pages and comment. You can generate an electronic cover page at the other end with pre-programmed information from memory, or you can print a sample cover page to fax with your document.
  • Daily Timer
    The daily timer is a function that lets you program a fax to be sent at a certain time.
  • Error Correction Mode (ECM)
    When ECM is utilized, a receiving fax machine will check data for errors before printing the document. If errors are found, it will signal the transmitting machine to re-send the information. Both communicating units must support this mode for it to be utilized.
  • Fax (Facsimile) Machine
    A fax machine is a device that attaches to your telephone line and is capable of scanning a document, electronically transmitting and receiving the image, and printing the image.
  • Gray Scales
    Gray scales are the reproduction of the shades of gray. This feature is used when transmitting photographs or materials using the halftone feature.
  • Halftone Control
    The halftone control regulates the fax machineís ability to use gray scale levels to scan and maintain the depth and clarity of an original containing photographs or shaded line drawings.
  • Header Information
    The header information includes the date, time, station ID and page number, automatically printed at the top of every page of a fax message.
  • ICM (Incoming Message)
    ICM refers to a recorded voicemail message thatís received into an answering machine or a message center fax machine.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
    The LCD is the display on the control panel that shows various messages, such as date, time, phone number, etc.
  • Manual Fax
    When you use Manual Fax, you send a fax manually by picking up the handset or pressing the hook before entering the fax number.
  • Memory Status List
    The Memory Status List shows how many faxes are stored for retrieval, how much memory is used for fax features, and how much memory is available.
  • Message Center
    The Message Center is a built-in digital answering machine, which can store documents and voice messages.
  • Modem
    A modem is a device that allows computers and other electronic equipment to communicate through ordinary telephone lines.
  • Next-Fax Reservation
    Next-Fax Reservation accepts the next document in the ADF for transmission while itís still receiving.
  • OGM (OutGoing Message)
    The OGM is the message you hear when you call an answering machine.
  • Out of Paper Reception
    Out of Paper Reception allows the machine to receive faxes into memory when itís out of paper.
  • Photo Mode
    Photo Mode is a resolution mode thatís ideal for sending photos by using varying shades of gray.
  • Polling
    Polling is the ability of a fax machine to call remote locations and to retrieve any waiting fax messages.
  • Quick Online
    Quick online is a feature that immediately dials the destination number and begins transmitting, even as pages are being scanned into memory.
  • Quickscan
    Quickscan is the ability to scan a transmission into memory before faxing it.
  • Remote Terminal Identification
    The remote terminal identification is the fax machineís actual telephone number. This number appears on the display of the remote unit during transmission and is added to the TTI imprint on the transmitted document.
  • Resolution
    The resolution refers to the number of lines per inch vertically and horizontally. Itís expressed as standard, fine or super fine.
  • Scanning
    Scanning is the process by which the original document is translated into an electronic image.
  • Smoothing
    Smoothing enhances the appearance of incoming faxes by making the lines smooth.
  • Standard Resolution
    Standard resolution is 203 x 98 dpi, used for most typewritten text, and is the normal transmission speed.
  • Station ID
    The station ID is stored information thatís used for the heading of faxed pages. It includes the senders name and fax number.
  • Super Fine Resolution
    Super fine resolution is 203 x 92 dpi, and is best for small print or art.
  • Thermal Paper
    Thermal paper is chemically-treated paper used in thermal fax machines. It comes in rolls.
  • Thermal Printer
    A thermal printer uses heat from a printhead to darken letters and images to thermal paper.
  • Thermal Transfer
    Thermal transfer is a printing process in which heat transfers carbon ink from a ribbon to plain paper.
  • Transmission
    Transmission is the process of sending documents over the phone line from your fax machine to the receiving machine.
  • Transmission Terminal Identification (TTI)
    The TTI is information related to a sending unit that is imprinted on the top line of a received document. It usually includes the date, company name, time and the sending unitís fax number.
  • User Option List
    The User Option List is a printed report that shows how the options on your unit are set up.
  • Transmission Verification Report (Xmit Report)
    The Xmit Report is a report thatís printed after the transmission, and shows the date, time, fax number/name, duration, number of pages, result and mode.

So now, next time youíre standing at the fax machine, you wonít need to gaze in awe, and wonder what all those buttons are for. And when you use the photocopier & printer, youíll be equally at ease because many of these terms are used for all these machines. And now that you know what they mean and what they do, you can confidently send a clear message.

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