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A Free Glossary Of Terms For Your Site!

Ok folks…this is it! This is your opportunity to grab free "glossary of terms" content for your website. It’s pretty exciting any time you can get anything for free these days. And, like most free offers, this won’t last forever. In fact, this offer has a very limited run. So listen up for the details of how you can benefit.

About this free content

The free content we’re talking about here are a series of professionally-written glossary of terms, designed to provide information in a simple easy-to-read format. Each piece is written by a freelance writer. These writers and authors are building their reputations online – a perfect place for maximum exposure. We don’t compensate the writers monetarily because we feel the potential we offer them for enhancing their writing careers is reward enough. And it can be very rewarding! And it can be rewarding for you webmasters, too, to use this content – free – as long as you agree to our Terms of Use.

We, as free content providers, take great pride in monitoring these pieces to ensure that you get only the best content. To make sure it’s not too long and drawn-out, and can continue to hold your interest throughout, we limit the length of each glossary of terms to between 1500 and 3500 words. In this manner, we can guarantee that the information presented is brief and to-the-point.

Freelance writers wanted

Students, teachers, professors, writers, authors – all those who would love to see their work published online for all the world to see, and all those who would like to use these articles to develop creative assignments – here’s your opportunity. We’ll accept your article submission and, upon your acceptance of our Author Agreement, we’ll publish it on our website. Webmasters have free reprint rights to your article, so they’ll publish it on their site. Considering the massive volume of Internet use these days, the potential for your article to be seen by thousands, perhaps millions of people, is amazing.

The range of information you’ll find in these free articles is wide and varied. We have a history of website. We have a glossary of terms website. We have a how it works website. We’ve covered all the bases. So whatever vein you like to write in, there’s a place for your work. You can submit your article with the confidence that you’ve taken a major step forward in your writing career.

Content is king

Webmasters are always looking for ways to attract more traffic to their sites. Traffic = profit. And it can be very expensive and time-consuming seeking out writers - especially good ones. What we do is provide free reprint rights to the webmasters. They’ll want to snap up your work because it helps them attract traffic to their site. It does that by feeding the search engines. The “food” of the search engines is called “spider food”. Search engines love it! And the ingredients in this food are keywords – if your article is keyword-rich, the spiders will eat it up.

Here’s how it works. When somebody types a word or phrase to be searched, the search engine looks for websites that contain that word or phrase. If your glossary of terms is written with strategically-placed keywords, the spiders will gobble up that food. And the fuller they get, the more they rise to the top of your search results. And the top is where you want to be, to be seen by thousands and thousands of Internet users. That’s what maximum exposure – and progress in your writing career – is all about.

Help yourself – but don’t be greedy

Ok, webmasters, here’s what we can do for you. We’ll provide you with free reprintable content for your website. And we know that, by reprinting a glossary of terms, you’re agreeing to our Terms of Use. Our terms aren’t complicated. In fact, they’re very simple and basic. We just want to make sure that our authors get credited for their work. They worked very hard to put this content together and we want to reward them. They deserve it! And we know that we can trust you because we know you’re not the type to abuse a privilege. After all, you wouldn’t want somebody else to do that to you, would you?

Unfortunately, some have tried to reprint this free content without accepting or following the terms. We’re very conscientious here about protecting our authors’ rights. That’s why we use a very sophisticated “Advance Search” tool that easily identifies the locations of our free content. Those that chose not to do business in an honest and trustworthy manner, quickly found out that “you get what you give”. It’s kind of like the saying, “We know where you are, and we know what you’ve done.”

As we mentioned, we follow fair and upstanding business practices, and govern and protect ourselves under the provisions of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. If you’d like to know what that consists of, you can view a copy of it in PDF format. We don’t like a lot of rules and regulations, but we need to protect our writers and authors, or things could get sticky. They’ve worked very hard to produce this content and we’d like them to get the most value out of submitting them to our sites. And we can’t do that if the rules are abused.

“Free glossary of terms”

To ensure that you webmasters get the superior quality of content you seek, we’ve designated only the best for you to reprint. These glossary of terms are as follows:

Remember – this is a very limited-time offer

We’d love to offer free reprint rights all the time. However, we have targets associated with our business plan. Once these targets are met, we can no longer allow our author’s articles to be reprinted. And we really want you to be able to take advantage of this offer. So don’t delay – don’t miss out. There’s tremendous value in these articles. And you can add that value to your websites.

Act now and cash in.