Glossary Of Finance
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A Glossary of Car Loan Terms and Definitions – Put your Knowledge on Auto

How to start Buying a car? Applying for a car loan? Got all the jargon? Know all the terms? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, we’ve got the definitive glossary of car loan terms and definitions for you. This glossary will sort out the unknown, the misunderstood and the unclear. We’ve listed, in simple terms, the language of car loans. Study it, and you’ll have no trouble getting around the financing process. Read on. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of College Savings Fund Terms & Definitions – Save Now or Pay Later

So you want an education? Well, you’ve come to the right place. And if you need a college savings fund to get you through…well, you don’t need that here. This education is free. Which is a lot more than you can say for higher education these days. So if you’re going for a college or university degree, you’ll need a college savings fund to help pay for it. And to get one, you’ll need to do your homework first. Because, as you’ll find, there are a whole lot of terms that’ll be fired at you – terms you may not understand. And how can you expect to do your homework without a lesson first? Hence – this lesson. This glossary of terms will guide you through the process. If you pay attention, you should get an “A”. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Credit Card Terms and Definitions – Buy Now, Pay Later!

Like any other industry, when you start delving into it, you come across all these terms and acronyms that mean absolutely nothing to you. But relax – the following guide will help you over the bumps to a smooth ride. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Credit Monitoring Terms and Definitions – A Clean Report

Ah yes – a clean report. That’s a credit report we’re referring to. And don’t we all want one? You bet! A clean credit report can mean a clean and healthy financial life. However, there’s a rampant crime being committed these days. And it involves your credit report. It’s called identity theft, and there were 9.9 million victims in the U.S. last year. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Credit Report Terms and Definitions – Your Financial Picture

So you’ve got your credit report and you don’t know quite what to make of it. What does this mean? What does that mean? All these terms fired at you, assuming you know the definitions. And the result is that you end up thinking that perhaps they’re trying to fool you. But are they? Probably not. They’re just trying to explain the situation to you in their language – which isn’t necessarily your language. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Currency Trading Terms and Definitions – Understanding Foreign Currency Trading

Getting ready to dive into the world of foreign currency trading? Before you do, please take a moment to look over these terms and definitions. They’ll help you navigate the choppy and confusing waters of the Forex Market and get you headed in the right direction. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Home Mortgage Terms and Definitions – Homeward Bound

Are you homeward bound? Are you leaning towards buying a home? Is this your first home? Do you understand all the jargon that’s being fired at you as you seek a mortgage? Well, not to worry. We’ve assembled a brief glossary of home mortgage terms and definitions to ease your path to home ownership. Read on, and gain the knowledge you need to make a wise decision. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

Glossary of Identity Theft Terms and Definitions – Wondering Who You Are

You’ve probably heard of identity theft. But do you really know the scope of this horrible crime? Identity theft has now replaced terrorism as the main fear for people all around the world. Studies and statistics all lead to identity theft as being the fastest growing crime today. Because identity theft is so widespread, and because it’s important you understand all about it, we’ve compiled this glossary of identity theft terms and definitions. Pay attention and be aware. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Insurance Terms and Definitions – Covering All The Bases

The insurance industry can be very intimidating. If you don’t know the jargon, you may end up having a claim refused because you didn’t understand what the policy stated. You bought your insurance policy so you could have peace of mind. Now you can get some added peace of mind from this glossary of insurance terms and definitions. Follow it carefully. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Payday Loan Terms and Definitions – Borrowers & Lenders

Payday loans, borrowers and lenders, rollovers, extensions, APRs – the list goes on and on. These are the terms you hear in the world of payday loans – but do you know what they mean? You might, but many don’t. So that’s why we’ve compiled this glossary of payday loan terms and definitions – to educate you and put you on the same level of understanding as the payday lenders. When they speak – you’ll hear and you’ll understand. So pay attention and we’ll clear up any misunderstandings or misconceptions. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Student Loan Terms and Definitions – The Loan Education

Are you a student, relying on student loans to get you through college or university? Or are you just applying for a student loan, looking forward to a higher education? The process of applying for any loan, let alone a student loan, can be confusing if you don’t understand the terms that are fired at you. The accounting sector sometimes forgets that you haven’t got our education yet – that’s why you’re applying for a student loan. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Unsecured Credit Card Terms and Definitions – The Convenience of Plastic

Account set up fee - This is an initial fee that some banks or providers charge to start up your account. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

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