Glossary Of Clothing
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A Glossary of Bra Terms and Definitions – A Well-Rounded Explanation

Are you “looking into” the world of brassieres? Are you concerned about what’ll be revealed and what won’t? Then this glossary of bra terms and definitions will show all. We’ll clarify here the different styles of bras and describe to you, in simple terms, their particular purpose. Because, as you’ll see, there are many types of bras and, when you’re shopping for one, you’ll need to understand the uniqueness of each design. You’ll also need to understand the jargon. So get ready for an education in brassieres, and we’ll hook you up. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

A Glossary of Sexy Lingerie Terms and Definitions – It’s No Secret

So you want to buy some lingerie? Whether you’re a woman who wants to feel sexy, or a man who wants to buy something for his loved one, to make her look sexy, you’ll need to know the language associated with these provocative garments. And there’s more than you’d think. So we’ve provided this glossary of sexy lingerie terms and definitions to bring you up to speed on lingerie language. Get to know the terms here and you’ll have a better understanding, when you’re shopping, of what you’re getting. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

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