Glossary Of Beauty Terms
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Glossary of Cosmetics Terms and Definitions – Put Your Face On

If you’ve really delved into cosmetics and their makeup, their ingredients, and their properties, you’ve probably found that they can be quite technical. But you don’t need all that technicality – you just want to look good. So we’ve compiled this glossary of cosmetics terms and definitions to help clear up the picture. Review it carefully, and your cosmetics will start to make more sense to you. [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

Glossary of Perfume Terms and Definitions – Making Sense out of Scents

The perfume industry has adopted a language of its own. And when you’re buying fragrances, you need to understand what the salesperson is saying when the perfume’s being described to you. So we’ve taken some of the more commonly-used words and put them into this glossary of perfume terms and definitions, to help you make a wise and informed choice. Soak it up! [ View Article ] [ Reprints ]

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