Author Agreement
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Authors – Agree to be Comfortable

Authors want their work to be published – to be seen by the public. Authors want to be recognized for their accomplishments. And that’s the purpose of this website – an arena for your submissions. And we’d like you to be familiar with what we’ll do for you, and what you can do for us. The following will bring clarity to the situation and make you comfortable in submitting your work.

What you trust us to do with your submissions

Whether you submit a "glossary of terms and definitions", a "history of" or a "how it works" article, we trust you’ll submit it in good faith. We agree to accept it in the same light. We may, at some time, see it necessary to make changes to our agreement, but the good of all will always remain our priority. If this possibility of changes poses a problem for you, then you’re best not to submit your work.

The opportunity for you here is to get international exposure to your work and a link back to your site. And what a wonderful stepping stone that is to your writing success. We may even use your work in advertising and promotion in products anywhere in the world.

In submitting your work to us, we trust you’ll agree to allow us to electronically publish and distribute it worldwide to other webmasters. We may need to translate it into other languages for publication in other countries. We may also publish your work on other websites that we’re affiliated with.

Our mission is to simply help you get exposure for your work. For that reason, we don’t offer you payment for your submissions. Also, because of the volume of submissions we receive on our various sites, we can’t guarantee your work will be published. But don’t let that stop you – if you don’t submit it, it can’t be published!

Of course, if the situation merits, we may need to close down our site. We don’t foresee this as a necessity, but sometimes, the unexpected happens. If this does happen, we’re sure you’ll understand that we (that is, all the people associated with this site) can’t be held responsible for any loss of future opportunities for you.

What we trust you to do in submitting your work

Please be sure that, when submitting your work, that it is, 100%, your work. We trust that its content is true, and is based on your own research. We must all respect the laws regarding publishing – this includes copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, and any other rights. These laws protect us all as members of the publishing community. And speaking of laws, all laws must be conformed to. This includes any local, state, national or international law. Please refer to the laws of the State of Nevada for specific jurisdiction.

We’d love to publish your work, but we can’t do that if it contains anything that’s disrespectful of anything or anyone. Your facts must be facts – ones that can be substantiated. We also feel that it’s unfair if you, or anyone in your family, will profit from the content of your work – for the purpose here is not direct profit – it’s direct exposure.

Viruses are a major issue these days, and we’d like you to take every precaution to ensure that your submission contains no viruses or harmful files of any kind. After all, if you infect our systems with a virus, then we can’t publish your work.

When you submit your work, we expect you to do it from your own email, with your own email address displayed.

A comfortable agreement exists

And finally, as we mentioned before, we trust you to hold this agreement in good faith. That is the correct road to success. If you do what we trust you to do, and we do what you trust us to do, then we obviously agree that there exists here a comfortable, mutually beneficial relationship.

All in all, when you submit your work to us, we’re both confident that a comfortable agreement exists between us. You do what you can to honor our wishes, and we’ll do what we can to honor your wishes. Sound good? Then don’t hesitate – send in your article submission now!